Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today is Ash Wednesday.
It is the beginning of Lent.
I have always loved Lent.  I think because of the huge anticipation of Easter.
I don't know, but I like the reverence of it all, the focus...I just like it.
I also like that it begins the 40 bags in 40 days.
I almost forgot about it. (gasp!)
Until I read Sarah's post and it reminded me.
For some reason I skipped it last year.  I shouldn't have.
This past weekend, after Gram's funeral, I got a head start.
Monday I took 6 bags to Goodwill and 2 bags to the trash.
I was talking to my friend Julie, asking if she thought I could count those bags in...or would that be like saying I went to church twice last week, so I don't have to go this week?
She said COUNT 'EM ON IN!
I'm hoping to beat the 40....maybe 50? 60?  yikes!  Better not get ahead of myself.
I noticed that today on Clover Lane she gave a very step by step approach to the system.
I'll keep you updated on how the purging goes.
Happy Lent!

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