Sunday, February 26, 2012

weekend trip.

a stately building in hermann.  taken from my car.

who doesn't love a swan towel on the tub????

captial building, maybe?  thought it was pretty on the river...

adam's birthday gift arranged by the b&b that i asked for.

he liked it.

on the deck outside our cottage

almost, and i mean, ALMOST lost the top layer of my face by running from the tripod to the 'spot'.  whew!

this is nice, too bad it's CROOKED!


being silly.
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well, we just got back from our little 2nd honeymoon, stay-cation trip.
adam planned a trip for us to go to our favorite weekend spot. hermann, mo.
loved it. again. the cottage we stayed at were amazing. i'm not real seasoned in fancy accommodations, but i would say this is the nicest place we have stayed inside the 50 states.
plus, it was totally private. no having to eat breakfast with folks and do that weird friendly smile, but don't make it too friendly, because i really don't want to talk kind of smile...
i learned something interesting. sunset photos are NOT as easy as they appear. you get the drift. but it wasn't the perfect 10 year picture i was thinking of.
back to reality this week.
no birthdays, no anniversaries, just being a momma.
that's good too.
~chat soon!

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