Tuesday, January 31, 2012

lots....but not right now.

hello everybody.
i haven't been around.
but i've got lots to say.
nothing super important....just some fun stuff.

here is a funny thing from anne:
hey mom, is miss lisa (our hair dresser) coming tonight.
me-why, yes. she is, she will cut daddy's hair and my hair and color mine.
anne-thank goodness!  because your brown is showing!
me-well, good thing she is coming then.

**disclaimer**our hair stylist (or whatever they are called) comes to our house.  ONLY because I used to go to her house, but she moved and her house isn't conducive for hair cutting....someone I know refers to me as the housewives of st. louis. not so.  it's just how the chips fall. and they happened to fall in a convenient pile in my favor!

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