Saturday, January 14, 2012

family fun night....

check out the excited!

who's this?  she looks so big!

so proud of herself

so in love....with each other.

she loved organizing the balls

don't have a clue...

his bowling technique was smokin'....

final score

apparently a bowling model...

last weekend, adam and i decided we were long over due for a family fun night. (like a year overdue...)
adam sprung the idea on the girls and they were thrilled.
we grabbed a coupon out of our coupon book and off we went.
i always forget how much fun bowling is with the kids.  or with anyone really.
i truly stink at it, but i'm good with that.  it's just fun.  
anne just KNEW she won second place.
we let it go.  really, who cares.
she was pleased with her number...
adam smoked us all...
he was really pleased with himself.
i had already started with a toothache so i really could have cared less who won.
anne says-mommy?
a-is it hard to be a mommy?
me-no, well, yes, well, i guess it just depends.  but it is good most of the time, why?
a-because it just seems like moms always lose! 
a-i mean, you lose at candyland, checkers, flipover, guess who...and you always go last.  and sometimes you even give us what you were eating.  
me-well, it's okay. it's just being a mom.


then we went to a fun little joint called happy joes.  the girls love it there.  anne had a blast playing the quarter games.  we won 200 tickets total.  anne even got to drink SPRITE. (big deal in our house...)
anne yells, MOM GET THE CAMERA...
i said, i didn't have it with me.  it was in the car.
she says, but we gotta get a picture of this!  i have 100 tickets, a SPRITE and PIZZA we gotta take a picture of the best night EVER.  
too cute.
wish everyday could be a family fun night...but then the family fun nights wouldn't be as fun, right?
~chat soon.


  1. And pretty soon you will be eating the "Chicken back" from your favorite grocery store fried chicken........'cause that's just "what Mom's do"!!! :)

  2. Happy Joe's is awesome! I went to a bday party there, and the birthday kid did not like pizza, but loved mac and cheese. The Mom insisted having the party there because her sister worked there and her son still loved the games and all that. So, they invented a mac and cheese pizza for him. He still didn't eat it, but who cares, he had fun :)