Wednesday, January 11, 2012


today is wednesday.
the 11th of january.
again, this first month of the year has proven to be soooo s.l.o.w.
but it's good.
things are starting to pick up with our schedule so that will help get us to february a little quicker, maybe.

a couple things i realized today....
never, under any circumstances take katherine elizabeth to the undergarment section in target.
never.  i mean it.
she has never been our quiet one.
now that she is seems she is louder.
she says.  OH MOMMA THESE BOOBIES ARE  BIG!  as she grabs the largest cup size bra off the shelf and throws around in the air.
Yes Kate.
Are you going to get the CHEETAH PANTIES?
um, no!
well, maybe, they are just in this pack of ....
why in the WORLD am i explaining this to her??????????????????

i quickly picked my plain old lady undies and bolted.
THEN i came upon the most beautiful red clutch purse on the clearance rack and thought...
WHY NOT....when you shop with kate....sometimes you need a band aid!
hope your wednesday was wonderful!
and you got to go with a 4 year old to the underwear department at target!
~chat soon!

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That is an absolutely hilarious story. I laughed out loud. I can relate to your story- my Kate (Jake) was 4 when he took a GIANT cupped bra from the rack at Kohls - placed it on his head (one giant cup over each side of his head)and loudly proclaimed "Look I am a bug".hahahah