Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hello...new year!

that's all i have for today.
today is quiet.  a good quiet.
anne went back to school, which means the girls are fighting, or teasing, or squealing or....
the decorations are down and packed up.
the house has regained its normal look.
report cards are done.
lesson plans are waiting to be written.
some drawers and closets have been cleaned out.  it's always hysterical to me how much i get done in the last 36 hours of the break...i have only had 14 days to do it. 
i'm ready to get back into the swing of things.
adam has had a cold/flu for a couple days.
when that happens.
katy bar the door.
everything gets out of whack.
 this video is just a peek at what our house looks like when the 'man cold' hits! :) 
i think today he is better.  so like i said.  it's a good kind of quiet.
in the past i always had a 'word for the year'.  i think i have a couple for this year, but i haven't decided for sure that i will share.  i might.  still thinking about that.
well, the truth is, i have a couple.  that defeats the purpose.  so after i figure out what word it will be...maybe i will tell.  maybe.
it's a cold, sunny, january day.  the kind that makes you take a deep breath in and say...
i've got this! (i think...)
~chat soon!

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