Tuesday, April 22, 2014

oh boy...

adam told me on Thursday he really, really wanted to surprise the girls with chicks for easter. 
I didn't like the idea.
I said he was nuts.
he said that we wouldn't keep them.
they would go to a friends house to live once they had feathers.
you all know how I feel about birds.
Friday, I was shopping like a crazy lady for easter dinner etc.
he calls and wants to know where I am.
well, at the store.
he tells me he has FIVE CHICKS TO SHOW THE GIRLS.
again, I say, you know how I feel about birds.
he is in the process of building a COOP.
I could croak.  but I will admit, they are cute.
and I do LOVE eggs.
but ohmygosh!
i'm out of my comfort zone in every way.shape.and.FORM!

meet Rosie

this is either princess or peep-can't tell in the picture

this is star.

this is cheep.

kate LOVES them

they are oddly fun.  i'm not sold on them yet.  but willing to at least smile when I see them.

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