Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a little bit of awkward...

so. two weeks ago. i got an email.  my principal told me i was a nominee for teacher of the year for our building.  it is a fairly new thing.  each building has a nominee.  then the nominee fills out a huge questionnaire and sends it to central office for them to decide the district teacher of the year.  i worked hard on the questions for the initial process.  that was the week that kate  had been sick, adam had been sick, and i was willing my sickness away.  i stayed up late.  wrote and re-wrote my answers.  i didn't tell a soul.  except adam and my mom and sister that i had been nominated.  no one at work, i mean.  not even my closest of close.  i didn't want to have to say...guess what.  i didn't get it.  so i just didn't say.  it was super hard.  it's a huge honor just for someone to write a persons name on the form, let a lone to fill out the quite intimidating information and write an essay.  but someone did.  for me.  wow.

well, monday.  i got another email.  it said.  TOY.  i thought...a toy?  weird.  it was from my principal.  i opened it and it said.  CONGRATULATIONS.  i said to myself....WHAT THE WHAT?  i read it outloud.  my kids kept on working, and i read it again.  i won.  i won teacher of the year for my building.  holy moly.  holy  moly. holy moly.  adam was out of town.  i sent him a text message.  no response.  i emailed him.  nothing.  he had no reception.  so it is not his fault.  i still couldn't say anything to anyone.  i needed the principal to say it.  he did.  and then i got nervous, and red, and sweaty, and wished it would all just go away.  i don't do well with recgonition.  i simply go to work, do my job, make sure the kids are given avenues to succeed, and go home.  it's pretty easy.  sometimes.  other times gut wretching, unappreciated, painful, and gray hair making...but in the end....i look back and say DANG!  they got IT! 

so tonight.  i have to work on a draft of the information i have to give to the district.  i know, or have a strong feeling, i won't received the district teacher of the year.  that is fine with me.  i never in my wildest dreams thought i would ever be nominated, let alone receive the teacher of the year award.  it's not anything super fancy, no money, no stipend, just a nice plaque, a sit down dinner, and the idea that someone sat down and thought....i think this lady (whoever it may be) is doing something good.

it sounds stupid...but this is one of the biggest deals that has ever happened to me in my career.  this week has been such a run of the mill week, that it doesn't really feel special or different.  but when the day is done, the lights are out, the last bath has been given...i kind of tear up and think. dang.  God has blessed me.  He has given me a road to be rejuvenated in my career, He has given me a great support system of co-workers, friends, and family that help me.  And for that.  I say THANK YOU!  I couldn't have done any of it without Him and THEM!

~chat soon!

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  1. Relish in it. You deserve it. As women we tend too often to shy away from recognition (more than men do), but we shouldn't. The Lord guided you to become an amazing teacher, you work hard at developing your talent, and being recognized for it is a grand thing! Congratulations!