Sunday, January 27, 2013


it was busy around here.
thinking i would love if tomorrow was an extra day-but it's monday.  so we all go back. :)
adam and i had an event on saturday night.  we decided to stay the night at the location. it was a blast.
except that we stayed out till 2:30 am.
so not us....on a late night we are up till 10:30 and i get all freaked out.
needless to say, we are not our best today. :)
we were downtown.  couldn't resist.


forgot the tripod.  balanced the camera on the ironing board and my makeup get the idea.  

have i ever told you how seeing my husband in a suit makes me weak-kneed?  well. it does.


  1. Love your dress Sarah and his tie matches perfectly. :) Such a cute couple!

  2. Carrie, Thanks! But, in real life this is how this all went down. I put on my dress, I turned around and looked at his tie and said OMG it looks like we are going to the PROM! So matchy-matchy. HAHAHAHAH