Saturday, November 15, 2014


so. some time has passed, and kate has turned SEVEN.  SEVEN.  WHAT in the WORLD?
her birthday was a little different this year.
Adam was out of town-and she was ticked.
but we managed to survive and had a great time besides the star of her world being gone. ;)
crazy girl

favorite thing....PRESENTS

super mom didn't even make a cake, or have a birthday candle.  we went for cupcakes and tea lights.

I think she was happy anyway!

actual birthday.  fresh out of the tub-ready for the little mermaid.

big girl scarf!

her favorite thing-rocks!  she got a rock kit!

off to meemaws and pa pas for dinner- JUSTICE GIFT CARD!  and a RAKE :)

happy birthday dad!

happy birthday kate!

love this.
while it wasn't my best organized birthday preparations-I think she still loved her day!
~chat soon!

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