Sunday, October 30, 2011

out of touch.

that's me.
i'm out of touch.
with a lot of things. (ha)
we still do not have internet at home.
i can not access most fun things on my work's internet (like blogs)
so i am completely out of touch.
things are good. i think.
lots of birthday parties, soccer games, laundry, papers to grade, dinners to make, girlscout meetings to have, laundry, adam working a lot, sore throats, halloween, know life.
yesterday, someone asked if 'they should be worried adam is always working and never seems to be with us.'
after almost wanting to jump down the person's throat, i calmly said:
everything is fine.  he has just moved his business.  his customers don't care that he moved.  they still have wants and needs.  in order to get everything accomplished it requires twelve hour days on the weekends.
it stinks.  but it's life.  its the life we chose and it will get better.
so if anyone else is wondering if we are on the rocks...
we aren't.
we are as secure as we were before the move. 
we just see each other less. :)
~chat soon!

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