Tuesday, October 11, 2011

decision maker.

anne has always been able to make a decision.
she generally doesn't just do it because someone told her it was a good idea.
this year i asked her if she wanted to join choir, at our church.
she immediately said YES!
she is also playing soccer.
the other night, she told me, 'i think i want a break from sports.'
i asked her again after the game on saturday.
i explained that she was good , and i just didn't want her to feel she HAD to stop sports.
she said, NOPE, I really don't like to RUN.  well, running isn't horrible, but i DON'T LIKE TO RUN FAR, or FAST...
softball was okay, i didn't have to run far.  i would rather sing, or tap. 
okedoke then.
decision MADE!

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