Saturday, November 23, 2013

just a little funky...

so I admit...I've been in a slight stage of funk-ville the past few days or maybe even a week.
not sure why, really.
seemed like everything minor that could have gone wrong did.
I mean everything.
today, things are better.  and for that i'm grateful. 
if you are wondering what happened here it is in no particular order...

*anne knocking an entire roll of toilet paper into the master bath toilet.
me forgetting about it until the next morning after several people overlooked it and FLUSHED.
*anne taking a nasty spill on the blacktop prompting the school nurse to call and tell us to come get her and have it looked at.
*a 'pop in' observation/evaluation done on me as I was teaching.  I mistook the tone of the evaluation report causing tears and sheer panic through a whole lunch period, spent alone, in my classroom. 
*a crazy group of 3rd grade girls after school during a daisy meeting. need I say more.
*an angry parent at a meeting. makes me poop a little every time, even 15 years after my first meeting with an angry parent.
*falling down the steps this morning after finding socks for adam that he needed.  bounced down 3 steps on my BUTT-thank the Lord, only my butt.  foot is fine, but butt is SORE! 
*a certain little girl who is testing my mom-patience button.  oh help me....
* and I may or may not be feeling like I have a sore throat. 4 days and counting our house is hosting adams family for thanksgiving eve-dinner.  I can not.will not.shall not. feel like I am sick! no way, no how!

I feel like there were at least 15 other things that went 'wrong'. and in the grand scheme of life, and people that I know, and deal with on a daily basis, this is strictly trite and comical.  but, just but, sometimes, when it all happens at once, it can be a really big ordeal.

looking forward to a fresh start to this next week.

thankful for so many things that are going right!
~chat soon!

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