Saturday, September 17, 2011

what did you do friday?

i got my frozen shoulder thawed.
remember the story i posted a bit ago about having the bum shoulder?
well, it was decided that there was only one fix.
i needed to get it yanked.
without useless details...
i did yesterday.
i was given a wonderful little nerve block to basically paralyze my arm.
and then knocked out.
beautiful, beautiful, sleep.
i woke up and was sent home.
i didn't go straight home, i went to therapy.
it wasn't bad, because i couldn't feel a thing.
i woke up in the middle of the night.
i could feel things.
i said bad words. real bad words.
and went back to sleep.
adam has been a saint.  i really think he missed his calling...he should have been a nurse.
he has been waiting on me hand and foot.
the girls are with my parents.
we have had yummy goodies dropped off.
a friend is coming soon to visit.
it will all be okay.
the drugs they gave me are nice. but make me stupid.
i just started the first part of the dance for the weekend.
pain pill.
1 hour in therapy chair (a contraption that moves my arm around and around)
30 minutes in ice therapy.
physical therapy exercises.

in about an hour it will all start again.
but i lived.
and i am focused to do what i have to do.
so i don't have to use my arm like an old lady.
~chat soon!

in case you are a person that needs to on the video! ;)  i should have waited till today to watch it.  i watched it wednesday. dumb, dumb, dumb!

i didn't watch the whole thing...i only had my shoulder yanked.

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