Thursday, September 29, 2011


so if you know me, you know my laugh.
i do it a lot.
i have had a blooperish type week...

1. teaching a very thought out thematic unit on johnny appleseed this week. it is his birthday week, you know.
i am professing all about johnny appleseed. all the things we are planning on doing this week. building excitement. i start to hear the kids chuckle. just one or two. it was seriously, irritating. i then was quickly reviewing what i had just said. this is what i remembered saying...
'boys and girls do you know who johnny on the spot is? he is a wonderful man that many tall tales were written after. his birthday was on monday. johnny on the spot would have been over 200 years old. amazing. now, who would like to listen to me read all about johnny on the spot.
SERIOUSLY. don't you think my brain would have said. SARA! YOU ARE SAYING JOHNNY ON THE SPOT! NOT JOHNNY APPLESEED? OH NO....

2. my dear sweet coworker, joyce, gave me several caterpillars for observation. she gives them to me each year, and we watch they whole life cycle. simply amazing. these 2nd graders are so cute with observing these types of things. bright eyed, full of awe. it's so cool.
yesterday, i got to school and everyone was buzzing. joyce came in, she, mrs. w do you realize that you had a couple escapees? WHAT?! i said. they got out the top, she says. WHAT? sure enough. I forgot to cinch the net that hangs from the ceiling to provide their habitat for the next few weeks. i currently have one cocoon HANGING from the ceiling tile. NICE. guess, we will have a beautiful monarch loose, once it hatches out.

3. i was talking to michelle today. another teacher walked in, then the cafeteria lady. we were asked if a pumpkin was a fruit or a veggie. all three of us had an opinion. the first grade teacher said...well michelle, go to, it answers everything. i had never heard of so sure enough, we found out a pumpkin is indeed a fruit. some of us were right, some of us weren't. they were most amazed i had never heard of they said, YOU CAN ASK IT ANYTHING. JUST ANYTHING. so i said, ask it if Sara is a freak. Michelle, said, no, we can't ask it that. i said, ASK IT. she did. and guess what? ASK.COM says SARA IS A FREAK! oh my goodness. laughed for an hour.

so there are 3 bloopers for you!
~chat soon!
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