Friday, July 8, 2011

here 'ye here 'ye....

taken with my new sweet lens. before my camera died.

sara declares this day, july 9, 2011-DO NOTHING DAY!
that's right folks.
this house ain't driving anywhere...until 5.
no swimming lessons, no swimming for fun,
no gymnastics, no dance, no free movie,
no sightseeing, no zoo...
i was reviewing the summer so far...and we haven't had a day like that yet!
that's not good for anyone.
the girls dug out an old movie they haven't watched for a long time.
kate found her mcputer (computer) that she put away and forgot where she put it.
anne isn't going to brush her hair she says...
and i may very well, not put regular clothes on.
until a dinner with the inlaws tonight.
but then again, that may be quite funny if i show up in my jammies! 
i think it will do everyone some good.
onto the building saga.
i promise on this very day of july 9, 2011...
i will say nothing more about the building.
it very well may still be a go.
adam is indeed meeting with the landlord again today.
last day of negotiations.
he is quite optimistic. (i think on wednesday, he was just spent.  emotionally.  he had thought about every angle this could possibly go....and ended up settling on, 'it not going anywhere')
if you don't know.
adam is a very, very, old soul.
he is not impulsive-on serious things anyway.
he is a thinker.  a stew er. a wonder er.
those are all great things.
but they can wear on a soul.  even if it is an old one!
so once again....say a quick prayer.
that it ends, happily, or not.
but that it just ends.  and we can either go back to square one.
or start packing!
~chat soon!
p.s. if you are keeping has been 2 weeks since my camera when in to the hospital.  lets hope it is just two more to wait.  it really stinks.

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