Sunday, July 24, 2011

more week of the cuzints

we also went to the train store.
it's this adorable little store near our house.
it sells little trains (can you tell i'm not a boy mom?!)
i don't know the kind, that is just a detail...
anyway, they have train tables that anyone can come in and play with.
for as long as you want.
for free.
we took the girls because it was just too dang hot to do anything else.
they loved it.
in fact, they loved it so much, i took my girls back the very next day!
we also went to take kate to dance and ellen came with us.
anne thought that was soooo cool that she got to 'bring someone'. 

reading at kate's dance class-cute as can be!

aunt sara gave ellen her first gum ball.  she loved it, not sure about her mom's opinion though!

anne thought she was cooler then cool, since she had someone in the back with her.  weird, i know!
~chat soon!

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