Thursday, July 7, 2011

it's thursday...

that's all i know for sure.
we to the free movies this morning.
ran around like a chicken with my head cut off to get us ready and then ready for swim lessons to be right after the show.
i texted the swim teacher to remind her we would be at 11:30.
she forgot her 11:30 student was coming today-he had been on vacation.
anne is very sad.
i took them to the grocery store to pick out a lunch-able because i forgot to put the cool packs for the cooler in the freezer, so i couldn't pack lunches for the pool.
anne saw that it was starting to turn grey.
decided she didn't want to swim after all.
so we head home.
kate has a melt-down because she wanted to swim.
anne is taking storm precautions on the couch (faking being tired....)
i just ate three, count 'em, three fried chicken legs (picked it up at the store for myself instead of a lunchable)
in about 56 seconds flat.
mostly out of frustration.
haircuts tonight.
maybe that will bring back some spunk.
oh, and the roller coaster ride of trying to lease a building continues....
nothing agreed upon yet.
lots of frustration.
tomorrow is the make or break day.
the day the propsal will say 'take it or leave it'.
i'm hoping that mr. landlord, says take. or at least says...i need to think about it.
it will be a shame if it doesn't work out.
that's all i know.
need to find a diet coke to nurse a nasty tired of being a grown up headache...
~chat soon!

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