Thursday, July 28, 2011


so it's been hot.
i mean hotter then hot.
it makes me want to say bad words, kind of hot.
today the girls went to sweet debbies for a little day of debbie fun.
i decided to take a deep breath and get some things done.
i had lunch with a friend and her momma.
then decided i needed to get anne clara some new shoes for school.
i know better then to take her to the shoe store.
lord have mercy.
so i measured her foot the other day and went today. (shmart! don't you think?!)
i know what she likes, i know what i like, it's a win win.
throw a diet coke in the mix, it might as well be a lottery win! :)
anyway...i go to good ol' payless.
i look.
i take them all in.
i realize that children tennis shoes, are really, well, less then cute.
they are gross.
i got over it.
i picked two pair that i thought would do and checked out.
i was proud of myself.  i thought she would like them.
she looks at them, and realizes she can't live without BOTH PAIR.
not what i had intended, but i guess it can be worked out....
she proudly puts on the white pair.
she then says, 'uh, mommy, are these on the right feet?'
i was puzzled because she knows the right feet.
i look down and realized they weren't, so i helped her.
well, as a matter of fact, i couldn't help either.
it's waaaaaay too hot for this.
how do you explain to a 6 year old that the shoes are no good until you can get two that are NOT the same feet.
like i said...
it's just too hot for this...
back to payless this morning!
~chat soon.

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