Saturday, July 23, 2011

the week of cuzints.

anne and kate refer to cousins as cuzints
its so dang cute the way they say it.
it was so dang hot when suz was in town..
i think she brought the desert with her...and the humidity.
ugh.  but we survived.
here are just a few little things we did.
we spent a lot of time, just playing at meemaws.
suz and i went shopping.
drank margaritas in the middle of the day.
drank a beer at the pizza place in the late afternoon....
got our toes done.
laughed.  and made fun of each other.
it was a good visit.
i know that the visits home with two small kiddos aren't easy.
but i love it when she does come.  we appreciate it soo much.
regulating the heat with some popsicles

saturday making pottery

dress up!

swimming at meemaws

buddy! :)

all in all, it was a great time!  always is!

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