Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a little catching up...

this has nothing to do with my post...just a fun innocent picture of the chicks on memorial day weekend
so...this past week, my sister susan, has been home.  along with her kids, ellen and jacob.
my girls have been in hog heaven. i mean heaven.
each day has ended with a child in a heap on the floor due to sheer exhaustion.
anne woke up today and said 'i'm STILL tired' and then proceeded to make a list of all the things she wanted to do on susan's last day here.
we have gotten to spend some good sister time together, as well as refereeing the children.
it's been fun.
i've taken some pictures but today am feeling a little like anne...still tired.
i'm going to try to catch up on blogging later this week.
to update the building....the ride continues.  the lease is being passed back and forth and there is wording issues...but other then that, it should be legally official very soon.  once last week, we thought the whole thing fell through.  how frustrating!  and dramatic!  and exhausting!  that all got ironed out.  thank goodness.
it's just been nerve wracking to say the least.  i told my mom that the whole thing is very similar to a high school romance.  no one knows whats going on.  it can be very exciting one second and heart breaking the next.  it will all work out.  but patience isn't my strongest personality trait!
~chat soon!

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