Friday, July 1, 2011

a special day with dad...

about two weeks ago, adam announces.  'i'm going to take anne to butches.
butch is the nice man that lives on the farm that adam hunts on.
okay, i said.
just her, he said.  we are going to go fishing.
sounds good. i said.
i'm going to go call butch now and tell him we are coming, he says.
okay. i said.
it was arranged that they go yesterday.
anne had been counting down the days.
i was nervous.  we aren't usually a group that separates the kids.
that shouldn't make me nervous, but it does.
the forcast was super hot.
they were going to spend all day, but i got a call around 3:30 saying they were coming home...
they had caught their fish and were done.
oh, that's good, i kind of brushed off, and said, we'll see you in an hour then.
adam mentioned that anne was really excited to show me the catch.
we have fished before in farm ponds.
most of the time, you get some cute little fish...
well, anne hit the jackpot!
anne caught 3 by herself.  adam said she lost about 12! :)
they also had one of these cool is for land and water.

the story goes...they only went on land.
anne proudly said. 'that car, had EIGHT wheels'  i can't believe it!
she had an awesome day.
spending time with just kate was wonderful, too.

oh and by the way....
my point and shoot went along on the trip.
adam came home and sheepishly said. 'uh, the camera isn't working.'
i reminded him i sent extra batteries.
he said he knew that.
i played with it.
it's dead too.
what the WHAT?!
no camera, at all...double sad.
7 days into my 6-8 week time without a camera.
i can do this.  yeah, right!
~chat soon!

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