Thursday, June 30, 2011

what's with kate's tooth?!

i know people wonder. 
few ask.
kate has a weird front tooth.
she went to bed one night, late last summer, her teeth were fine.
one morning, she woke up, and it was all crammed up in her gum.
(it didn't quite happen over night, but you know what i mean!)
apparently, she fell, and bumped her tooth.
i wish i knew what happened.
i'm sure it was one of those falls, where she was crying like mad, nothing was bloody, or maybe just a lip, nothing was missing, and we were all thankful.  we didn't notice the tooth.
we have talked to a couple dentist. 
they say, no worries.
if it hasn't 'died' yet. it won't.
that's the worse that can happen, if it isn't all the way in the gum, they don't worry.
it's not brown. just shoved up in a little.
it will fall out normal, like the others.
okay then.  if they aren't worried, we aren't worried! ;)
so that is the big secret story on kate's tooth.  i so wish it were more entertaining. :)
but that's just us!
~chat soon!

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