Sunday, June 26, 2011

play ball!

this saturday, was anne's first softball game at the YMCA.
last weekends was rained out.
the past two weeks before that were practice.
adam helped out with the pitching.
everyone had an awesome time.
truth be known, we aren't big sport fanatics.
it's okay.
i am not the most graceful, or coordinated.
adam played baseball when he was younger, and liked it. but that was about it.
anne expressed interest in basketball.
we signed her up-and had a blast socializing at the games.
ccls does not offer a little girls ball team.
so we made one ourselves through the Y.
it's great.
we have met some really fantastic people through the sports activites.
as much as i poo-pood the idea when she was talking about wanting to play....bemoaning the practices, and saturday games, i'm so pleased that we did.
it's just a so much fun. 
and i still can't believe i'm 'that mom' yelling from the stands.
makes no sense to me.
so here a few pictures.  i took 4 or 5 the whole game.
my point and shoot and i were just not getting along. (sniff.)
but you can still get an idea...
cute. sweet. innocent.  just love it!

knocked it 'over the moon' as she told papa bob! ;) (she did hit it good!)

getting a little fussy about the heat
~chat soon!

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