Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a little get away...part 2.

so Thursday afternoon, we left for our 'trip'.
it was good weather, we were pumped.
hermann is only about a 50 minute drive from our house, so it's the best of both worlds.  (we feel far away, but aren't)
we got to our favorite location for a little lunch and veno.
had a splendid time.
headed back to check in to our bed and breakfast.
it was amazing. 
adrian (who i wanted to bring home with us...) showed us around the joint, let us into our cottage, and let us be.
adam went to the car to get our bags. he came back with an ear to ear smile on his face...
what's so funny? did adrian crack you up?
no.  still smiling.
your mom called. 
oh yeah?
yep. kate has been coughing her head off and has a 101.5 fever.
what the WHAT?  i said?!
i called mom.
we chatted.  whatever was wrong with kate, we wouldn't worry about and mom would take her to the doc in the morning.
it was just an ear infection.
i could have bet on it.
we had a fantastic time-even though she was under the weather.
friday, we visited more wineries, vineyards, a few shops...just great.
we are old souls.  those things are fun to us.
both nights we had fantastic 4 course dinners, wine, desserts...hot tub dips.
if you are ever in herman, mo.  check it out. 
you won't be dissapointed.
i promise!
and if you are, i'll go again, just to see what the problem was.
Oak Glenn winery...view worth a million bucks...wine, not so much!

Missouri State Bird...(adam told me, I didn't know-way to go TEACH!)

waiting for adam to taste something...killing time on a very rainy day.

who doesn't LOVE to take pictures of sausage...

note-this was NOT white zinfendel...it was vin gris-some sort of rose'. yummy lunch veno.

fun in the wine cellar

likely to be seen in our kitchen, on a canvas...just as a good memento pic. NOT because  i think its SO AWESOME!

our cottage

the alpenhorn gasthaus. go there. for real!

hanging out in the gathering room, trying to wake up after a long nap...

the entrance....

~chat soon!

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