Monday, June 20, 2011

a little get away.

adam and i stole away for a quick 2 night trip this past week/weekend.
it was fantastic.
we fell in love with hermann, mo a few years back.
its a quaint little (i mean teeny weeny) town.  it's filled with character and wineries.
i researched a place, booked it, arranged for my parents to watch the girls and away we went.
we had an amazing time.
just amazing.
i really think that is should be a written thing, that all couples, need to get away once a year.
i mean away from it all.
now, it had been 2 years for us.  but we promised, again, that we would do it soon.
i'll post somemore this week...i'm still on 'just got back from a trip brain.' it's really not a flattering condition for me.

~chat soon!

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