Thursday, June 16, 2011

isn't that perfect??

the first few days/week that school is out is always tough.
i think i may be the only one that feels that way or admits it, but it is.
everyone is sniffing around, trying to figure out what to do. 
what is expected, what will happen.
it's just silly.
as i wrote earlier this week, monday was horrid.
horridly horrid.
i lost my cool. 
adam did too, which in the world of adam is UNHEARD OF.
anne clara, i thought was going to STROKE OUT with how upset she was.
adam and i were debriefing about it and groping for answers/ways to fix it.
i simply said. 
i will work this summer.
and then laughed. 
but i would, just to fix it.
then i thought again.
it's ME.
i get upset, they get upset.
i laugh and am are they.
i take a deep breath, so do they.
duh. really, sara.
this isn't rocket science.
it's life.
poop rolls down hill as someone once told me! (i love that phrase)and it's true.
so my focus for this summer is to be calm. 
shrug it off.
think of peaceful places...
if nothing else...SHUT MY TRAP!
i woke up yesterday morning still reeling from the sleepless night thanks to mom guilt.
i read this.  she said it perfectly, and eloquently.  but i still agree. 100%!
keep calm, and carry on!
~chat soon!

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