Tuesday, June 14, 2011


you like book number FIVE in the bag??  funny, huh, even funnier...Adam said, Oh that's a good one!  (I'm not sure how to take THAT!?)

Well...yesterday was the first 'real' day of summer for me.
No Vacation Bible School.
No running around.
Just us.
We woke up to rain, and thunder.
Fabulous-not really.
Anne of course had saucer size eyes and was pacing around at the bright time of 7:04am.
Really, I need to find a way to get her over this.
We went to the library instead of the pool
The library is very small. And it was crowded.
So due to the storm stress, I was a little edgy.
I sent the girls to the kid section and bellied up to the counter to renew my card.
They wouldn't renew it.
I asked how much. Looked in my wallet and gulped.
I didn't have that much.
Could I pay half, I asked, very nicely.
NOPE! she said.
That's all she said.
I don't carry the checkbook I muttered.
So I grabbed the girls, explained their mother was an irresponsible lunatic, and headed for home, for
Got back, paid my fine, picked a bag full of books. (hopefully I'll remember to return) and continued on our day.
The day was rocky. I guess everyone just marking their territory.
I made a yummy dinner.
First comment. i don't think i'm gonna like this.
(mom slurps wine...)
Second comment. i just took a bite...I KNOW I DON'T LIKE THIS.
(mom slurps wine again...)
It all kinda went down hill from there.
Today is a new day.
I'm glad it's Tuesday. I think.
More rain, and oh! Swim lessons on the agenda. This should be swell!
~Chat soon!
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