Saturday, June 18, 2011


so, if you know us.  you know that Adam is self employed and has a home office.
he has been in business for 11 years, maybe 12. I lose count. (don't tell him that though)
the company is preparing to embark on HUGE changes.
he submitted a proposal for a building this week.  to lease a building.
we found out, from the realtor, that deals like this are long and sometimes emotionally painful.
they can take months.
he found the perfect building.
a building set up that no one else would want.
like it was made just for him.
i so hope it works.
not for selfish reasons (like all the people get out of the basement)
but for reasons of being so proud of what he has made.
what could come by expanding the business.
so for the two people that read this.
say a little prayer.
not that it HAPPENS, but whatever is good for us, will happen.
and maybe toss in there, if it could happen in a timely fashion, that would be great too!
but i don't want to push too many buttons here! :)
~chat soon

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  1. Stephen moved out of our home office recently too to a perfect office for his business. The lease part went faster than expected so I wish that for you too! Change can be good :)