Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Tuesday.

I'm glad.
I slept. I'm not irrational.  My brain is clear.
All of that is good!  A busy day is ahead of us.
It's overcast-but not gray, so Anne is calm. ;)
Everything is a-okay!
Here are a couple pictures I took last week.  After I got my new lens.  Before my camera got the flu.
We were playing on the swing set. 
I love that swing set.  I don't even use it, and I love it.
They love it.
It's the best money we have spent on them, I think. 
So fun.  Just good ol' fun.
can't you just hear the giggle
hey mom, look!  i'm upside down! :)
Happy Tuesday!
~chat soon

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