Friday, June 24, 2011

bad news.

my camera broke.
actually, it's dead.
i took it into the shop today.
they kept it.
they will keep it for a.very.long.time.
at least a month-maybe 6-8 weeks.
my eyes got hot when the lady told me that.
*remember, i only have one emotion*.
then she said it would be at least 150 dollars to repair.
close to 180.  but, never fear, it wouldn't be more then 250-without my permission.
real nice.
how do i put this, we can afford the expense, but REALLY!?  who the heck wants to?
right?  does that make sense.
i was so sad about it, i took the girls for pizza and i couldn't eat.
i'm not kidding.  not a bite.
stupid. i know.
i'm hungry now (of course)
i love my camera.
it's only 2 years old.
i take it almost every where i go.
especially if it is anywhere close to a picture worthy experience.
oh well.  what do you do. nothing. just wait. and hope it isn't going to be 250 dollars to fix.
especially since....
the building is looking more and more like it will say TREETOP ENTERPRISES very, very soon.'s not final.  
BUT that means, if you know adam at all, that he is in FULL ON BUDGET MODE.
sounds like i'm going to have to dig into my 'sock'. (i always laugh about the sock because when we were first married, i stashed money in a sock.  a real sock, in my underwear strange. but that's the truth. and it's just us!)
well, enough babble.
i need to pack, we are going to the meadow this weekend. 
guess you won't be able to SEE any of it.
hopefully, i can write vividly enough. :)
~chat soon!

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