Monday, August 27, 2012

carnival 12

this past weekend was the annual school carnival.
the past two years (2011, 2010were true soap opera stories for this family.
my sister has been eagerly anticipating this years story...
guess what?
there isn't one.
the school changed ride companies.
the rides were 'safe'.  the workers were 'normal'.
we partook on several rides with the girls and had a fantastic time.
sorry to disappoint suz.
there was one hiccup but i have to figure out just the right way to tell the that will wait.
but for now....enjoy!
carnival 2012

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hysterical.  they loved this.  it popped up and down and around and around.  kate was so proud that she was brave AND could fit in the rides!


how fun!

this frog hopper was the best jerked up and then down and then back up and with every move...there was a SCREAM!

who doesn't love some face paint!

they could have stayed all night.

favorite picture of the carnival!  so cute

loving the colors!

carnival success!

the swings....what adam pulled her off of last year. 
just a a blur.....loving the swings! :) 

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