Wednesday, August 15, 2012

we snuck away....

to chicago last weekend. 
adam received an invite from one of the suppliers he works with for a two night stay in chicago and a trip to the cubs game.
i think both of us were not all that excited at first.  big cities aren't a super attraction to us. 
but, we LOVED it.
in fact we both agreed we didn't have enough time there.
the only down side...
we both came back with the crud that anne and kate had the week before.
there is nothing better then a little quiet time with the person you love.
~chat soon!
such a beautiful city....

navy pier

just thought this was nice.

sewing machine.....row after row in a window display.  love

a little additon to our lunch.

best meal i have eaten in a very long time....a for sure must go back.

wrigley field

i love chicago style hot dogs.   i mean LOVE them.

we are on a rooftop...this was the view. nice.

at a table we ate dinner at.

i kind of had a good time.

we snacked our dinner saturday night, several places.  this was amazing.

our hotel

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