Friday, August 3, 2012

nothing new here....

and i mean that from the bottom of my heart.
i'm totally turning a blind eye to the idea that summer is ending.
as everyone else, we endured a very hot, long summer.  i am just about done with it.
it kind of put a kink in most of our summer loving plans.  (we have so many awesome things to do outside, and just couldn't....)
our kitchen is kind of at a standstill right now.  cabinets are out of stock for another week...a couple other hiccups, and here we sit.  with a half packed kitchen, a broken stove, a junky dishwasher and a light thats dark over the sink...oh and a garage full of tile, backsplash stuff, and a new will be awesome when it's done....but this waiting is painful, well, maybe painful is a little dramatic.  how about annoying....that's better.
other then that....nothing new.  i will try to be more exciting next post.
~chat soon!

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