Sunday, August 4, 2013

camp curtain call

concentrating on saying her lines

this past week, anne was in a camp at the magic house called camp curtain call.
she along with other kids in the camp worked on a production of frankenstein.  they created the costumes, props, and organized the flow of the play.
friday was the big production.  they did two preformaces for the general public of the magic house and then a production for us in the afternoon. it was precious.
all the kids had about the same size roll. anne explained earlier in the week that it was fair, but not equal.  she then asked if i knew what that meant.  (love that girl).  she said, well, we ALL got lines to preform, but not ALL of us have a big roll...and i'm okay with that. :)
her roll was dressmaker/neighbor girl.  she did great.  so proud of her.  i think she will be a return camper next year.
~chat soon!
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