Friday, August 30, 2013

behind the times....

i've  been so terrible on blogging lately
my computer is most of the problem.  it only works when it wants too.  that does not work for me.  my patience really can't handle that at all...i love to post our stuff on here.  if nothing else, just for a record of what's going on exactly.

this is what's going on as of now.
we are day 11 into our school year.
kate is loving kindergarten.
anne is LOVING 3rd grade.
i'm not so sure about my class this year. (but that is normal)
i backed into the playground fence at work the first day of school.  did a beautiful job on the back end of my car. 
i miss my sister.
it's hotter then heck here in MO right's been oddly chilly all summer and now that we are all back to school WHAMO it's so hot your clothes just melts onto your skin....but thats okay.  we aren't able to go outside anyway...
hopefully the computer will allow me to pick up my posting a little more frequently now.  otherwise, i may just have to trade it in.....
~chat soon!

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