Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i'm quitting my job.**** updated ****

one of these days i will learn to keep my mouth SHUT!  nothing too bad, but sirens were sounded....

and going to be a weather-man.
i know that this is being written out of frustration, but it is for real.
since yesterday morning, 'they' talked about this massive storm that was going to rattle through our area.
HUGE they said.  TORNADOES (gulp) HAIL (okay) RAIN, WIND...just marvelous.
so already yesterday, i had anxiety over this.
i picked the kids up right after work, came home, we have started dinner, and to no avail. we are still waiting.

so here is my letter to 'them'.

dear mr. weatherman,
i'm a pretty laid back chick.  i don't like drama, or being disappointed.
that is really the only two things that get me really upset.
this winter, you planned the blizzard of the decade.  we only got about a 1/4 of an inch of sleet.  (we were anticipating WEEKS off of school...)
this spring, you have made us think we were all going to be sucked up, or blown over.
people have canceled things.  and while i am quite thankful it is pretty calm out....i am a little unnerved.
i guess you are probably pointing and laughing.
you got me.  again.
but, in my line of work, i have to be pretty sincere with what i am doing.  i have to mean it.  if i say it, it counts.
so lets not talk smack, okay?
weather phobe in mo.



    I understand.........but aren't you THANKFUL for every time you don't have to go to the "BUNKER" and listen to the HOWL of the WIND and the CLATTER of the HAIL??

    signed, The THANKFUL WEATHERMAN...

  2. YEP,,,,I say,,,,CAREFUL what you ask for,,,,, ;)

  3. you'd love hurricane country :)