Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Friday....

Have you seen this?????  It's chilling...
We were at church, then dinner, we had missed all the talk about this impending storm.
I walked by a t.v. after we were done eating....saw a lot of red and a lot of words on the bottom of the screen but didn't really comprehend any of it.
After using the bathroom, I marched the girls back to the table and whispered to Adam....we are OUTTA here!
Gave him the LOOK, and up he went.
We made it home with no problem....weren't even all the way in the door and THERE GO THE SIRENS....
We did our usual parade downstairs.
Luckily, we were spared. It was rough.  Loud.  Scary. 
After seeing this video, it is a serious fact, that the GOOD LORD was watching over everyone AGAIN.  I really think people better perk their ears up....He is trying to send a message.  HE IS IN CONTROL, whether we like it or NOT! 
~chat soon!

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