Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Eve...

On Saturday, Anne blurts out.....MOMMY!  IT'S EASTER EVE!  IT'S THE DAY BEFORE EASTER....IT'S EASTER EVE! 
There you have it folks.  The whole day was surrounded by the preparations for Easter at our house the next day.  The girls were so good.  Sweet.  Just good.  Enjoying all the innocence of the times.  I loved it.
I didn't love shopping the day of Easter Eve BUT we did it.  Will NEVER do it again.  We survived, thats all that really matters....
And here you have it.  In no particular order....the events of EASTER EVE.
Made from scratch bunt cake.  will probably never do that again.  very dry.

enjoying the salad spinner...her job.

anne making dressing for the salad

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very sad about a color gone wrong.

kate seriously could have done this all.day.long.

i see you!

mom had fun too!

love it!

baths and curlers....ready for bed!
~chat soon!

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