Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday....

One of my favorite holidays.
I am kind of an old fashioned gal.
Religious holidays are my favorite.
Made up ones....really serve me no purpose.
The trumpets, the cross processional, the lilies..oh man.
I wish it were every day! :)
This year, I made an egg casserole. It was from, you guessed it, Pioneer Woman.
I botched it up.  It didn't turn out as well as I had planned.  I was upset about it.
The girls pulled their noses up a little, it just didn't start off with the excitement I was hoping for.
We get to church, walked I swear 5 miles, not really, but in new pink high sure felt like it.
Get seated, Anne has to pee....take her to the bathroom, worried I would miss the opening song.
We made it back.  Trumpets started, so did the tears.  Luckily, no one saw me, or pretend not too....
I had no reason for crying.  Just thankful.  That's all.
I'm getting so old.
And turning into my mother.  I always thought that was sooooooooooooo weird when she cried in church.  I believe she told me....'one day you will too'.
I guess she was right.
The rest of the day was awesome.  The service was awesome.  The weather not so much....but we had a great time anyway.

new favorite picture of the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she was so proud of how grown up she looked......

always kate.

crazy kate.

maybe weird that i took a picture of the spread....just making sure i don't forget for next year! :)

yummy spring goodness....

new fruit salad recipe with lime sauce...will make again!

fun desserts!

~chat soon

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