Saturday, September 15, 2012

this week...

slow and steady wins the race...this has been a very slow and steady project....
today i am filling drawers and lower cabinets.
i feel like the stuff multiplies every time i put more in...its driving me INSANE.
estimate completion date...tuesday!
BUT i have a stove, and a sink....
WE ARE COOKING DINNER TOMORROW NIGHT ladies and gents. (we would tonight but are going to a wedding...)
for the 2 people that read this, i haven't quit blogging, i just haven't had much focus.
as soon as i get my 'spot' back i'm on it!
fucet with out knobs...our other one lost its little decoration almost this summer each  knob had one little peg...i said, NO KNOBS for the faucet!

a kitchen sink light!

still needs backsplash, outlets, and a phone jack....

that's a stove folks....missing from our home since july 14th...but who's counting?

door frames-check

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