Sunday, September 16, 2012

wonder who SHE belongs to????

if you are one of my 2.5 readers (i am the .5) and disagree with hunting or are squeamish about it...don't continue reading this post.
if you are interested read on....
anne is a nature girl.  always has been.
she loves it. 
a couple summers ago, she went on a day trip to fish and check out a farm at "mr. butches".  there were cows, large all terraine vehicles that got them from point a to point b....donkeys, the whole nine yards.
the week before last, adam said to anne, "would you like to go to mr. butches and go hunting with me?'  i did a mental eye roll and thought riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
she said yes.
ohmygosh, she said yes.
the night before, she went to bed early, because true hunting requires predawn waking up...(boo) she woke up several times during the night out of sheer excitment.
they left at 5:30am.
i got a call at 9:15am. they were heading home, they had a great time and a successful hunt...
anne was smitten.  she even touched the birds.
super sick if you ask me...but i am not going to squealch a great father/daughter expierence by me pulling my nose up.
just finding the whole thing humerous because anne has to leave the room when someone spits toothpaste in the sink....i didn't think hunting would be her thing.
i'm happy for her, and adam. 
i will keep the home fires burning with a potroast or chili for their arrival. 
that's more my thing...
~chat soon.

**p.s....anne was IN NO WAY a hunting participant, she was strictly an observer, and an assistant. she has not been properly educated or trained.  no worries....***

i wonder what she was thinking here...

weirdo...she had no interest in you love her outfit or what?  to be 4 and love the idea of 6 inches of belly hanging out of your it!

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