Sunday, September 30, 2012

a weekend get-away.

this past friday, both girls had early dismissal.
adam has had the itch for a family weekend and said 'figure something out.'
since fall is here, there was only one thing.  trout lodge.
we picked the girls up, and told them where we were going.
so cute.  they yelled and danced and gasped. and then quickly figured out the agenda.
we had a blast. as always.
already trying to figure out when we can go's just a great place for a family to focus on just that, family, and fun.
kate gave archery a try

it's a tough thing to do....

look at their faces. darling. t hey had it going on!

we all needed a refresher....anne did good again.

she is such a try-er

she mastered A TWO WHEELER!  right before our very eyes. on concrete....

she dabbled this summer, but we are the real deal here...folks.

daddy yelling KEEP GOING KEEP GOING!

kate figured out training wheels....

she kept saying 'i can't believe it...are you proud of me....i can't believe it...'
post dinner...crafts.  birdhouses.

daddy had to put them together...

night time crafts after graduating to a 2 wheeler...seriously. heaven.

amazing morning view....

went to the ranch for pony (horse) rides and hayrides...we were on some sort of a log that had saddles....

a pony (horse) named gus.

daddy made her do this. she thought it was fruit. 

my sweetie. on the hayride.
poodle skirt was either 50 or 60's weekend...can't remember.

next stop. boat float. pontoon ride with root beer floats.

anne got to drive the boat

hysterical.  he rowed like 3 times and said....that boat is too small for me. ha.

she's never scared.  always willing...

whoop whoop! she did it.

not into the kyak idea....but loved digging in the sand.

beastly full moon....

campfire....lots of movement=horrid photo.

so fun. memories came flooding back of all the fun campfires i have been too.

girls loved it.  smores.
 ~chat soon.

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