Friday, October 5, 2012


that's me.  i'm gross right now.
since the start of school, I have been battling some sort of upper respiratory stuff. 
allergies, sinus infection, ear ache...
it was better.  we went to trout lodge last weekend and the cough started.
i coughed, and coughed, and coughed.
i coughed
i tried to doctor myself with an over the counter thing....ended up taking the dose too close together and had to call poison control (because thats what the box said to do) the lady came just short of laughing at me, and convinced me i was good to go. ;)
tuesday, i was better. cool!  i did it. i fixed myself.
wednesday, it felt like i had an elephant on my chest and that my 'tubes' as I referred to them, where about 6 inches too short, i couldn't really get air.  i was beginning to worry a little.
thursday i went to urgent care at lunch/plan time....
this is where things got weird.
they checked my oxygen level, i could tell by the look on the ladies face it wasn't where it should be.
they took me back to 'the room'.
the doc did a quick check over and said YOU NEED A BREATHING TREATMENT.
oh great i thought.
they wheeled the deal in and hooked me up....they told me it could make me jittery. all i have to say, jittery is not the work i would have used. 
bouncing off the walls (on the inside) is a much better description.
in came the oxygen checker again....the lady frowned and said, if we can't get this number up, we will have to do it again...oh great i thought.  we waited, and waited, and waited some rose, just enough to be let go.  but not before i was given FIVE prescriptions for various things...
i went back to work, he told me i wasn't contagious so i didn't really have a reason not too.
after some talk between me, mom, husband, and other people with opinions i am home today...
probably a wise decision although i hate missing work for being *sick* for real...
it is a full weekend so i need to get better and not be gross.  birthday party tomorrow, walk for jdrf sunday, dinner with  mom and dad to celebrate 40 years of marriage...and don't forget SUSAN COMES HOME time to be gross!
~chat soon!

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