Sunday, October 7, 2012

big day..... was the walk for diabetes.
we are walking to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, in case you didn't know....
i have had it since the age of 7.  my dad since forever ago(25ish he was diagnosed),....and my aunt has it too!
we have been walking for 4 years...
the first year, just adam and i....and then i had the idea/conviction to round some people up.
it has grown to upwards of 40 people.
i'm very tickled by the number of people.
but i have said before and i will say it again, the walk day is hard for me.
not so much this year, but really, i'm telling a lie.
it's hard.  as i told a close friend of mine...i hate that we have to walk, and look 'happy' that we are there in a freezing cold october morning, all wishing, and hoping, and praying, there is a cure.  when there isn't.
i remember, back in the day when my doc wore a bow tie and a black doctors bag and looked my momma deep in the eyes and said 'by the time your grandkids are here....we'll have a cure.....'
hate to call anyone on the carpet, but i'm sure that doc is not with us anymore, but MY kids, (my momma's grandkids) are walking with us proud to wear the shirts that say we are going to STOMP OUT DIABETES! 
so.....we had a great morning....we had a great time, we raised 2,500 dollars (unofficially, numbers still coming in) and all celebrated the idea that someday very, very soon....we will have a cure.  and i can't wait.
in the meantime...we will all keep marching, and stomping, and giving it the boot....diabetes is NOT going to get the best of US!  no thank you!

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