Monday, October 8, 2012


sunday was the walk.
which is a pretty big deal in our family....
but it was also my mom and dads 40th anniversary.
we love them so much.
seriously are our idols of what we need to be doing in marriage.
i love my momma and daddy  more then any words could say.
i couldn't even put it into words, adam did at the dinner and it still wasn't adequate.
we think my mom and dad are the utmost models for all marriages.
through thick and thin, they have held it together.
in 35 years of my life, i can NOT remember one time a raised voice or harsh word (except the covert mission to lee wards)
i can't go on because my keyboard would short out with wetness from my tears.
i seriously, hope to God, I can portray the model of marriage to my children, that they have shown to me.
to the best parents and marriage that there can be....
happy anniversary. from a couple that idolizes you!
enough said.
~chat soon!

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