Saturday, May 31, 2014

much better

well. yesterday, was by far, much better in our world then thursday.
the steroids are helping my puffy eye issue.  my body wasn't reacting so angrily to the roids. (holy roid rage....they aren't kidding about that....)
the girls slept till 8:15am.  BIG DEAL.
we got up, and headed to the strawberry patch!
last year, was the first time in my working memory I have been berry picking.  I just love it. 
so do the girls....
we had a great time.
we didn't make jam this year, I wasn't very good at it last year, and the berries are just so delicious and beautiful, I didn't want to waste them on jam, I can't seem to get right.  we cut up most of them and froze them....yummo!

~chat soon!

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