Monday, February 10, 2014

birthday weekend...

so. miss anne clara, turned nine.
we started the day off simple.
get dressed. fix hair. (ever so perfectly, you know)
dad pulls through with donuts and chocolate milk.
open a couple gifts (more on that later)

We love to take little road trips.
Anne love history, or anything really that she can explore or learn more.
We decided to get train tickets and head to Jefferson City, to tour the capitol etc.
A little self inflicted field trip.
We picked the girls up from school.  They quickly got in the car and we had a little note on the seat that explained what we were doing.
Anne opened a gift from her Maw-Maw. 
She did not have all of her gifts from us to open, like we had hoped because some were delayed due to weather and the other gift was delayed because...wait for it...
we haven't lived there in EIGHT YEARS!
so I left a note on the front door of the house-explained what happened, adding that I hope they loved the house as much as we did :)  and PRAYED that the legos would be returned.
(they were!)
We arrived in Jefferson City Friday evening.  Checked in, relaxed and jumped right in to the weekend events!  CRUDDY WEATHER but a great time.







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