Monday, June 30, 2014

the first night

we started our trip to vacation a bit different this year.
we left on Friday. around noon.
we stopped in festus for adam to make us matching shirts for our trip. but oh wait, he forgot to make himself one. :)  AND I didn't get a picture of us in our shirts....i'm slipping.
we ate lunch.
and then headed out.
we drove to about the middle of tenessee and started the hunt for a hotel.
we hunted. and hunted. and hunted some more.
it was like the night Jesus was born, there was NO ROOM IN THE INN.
there was some sort of a music festival going on and the lady told adam that there was not much of a chance we would be finding a room anytime soon.
luckily we found one right outside of Chattanooga.  it had a pool.  we got the last room. it was clean.
we were good.
we left the next morning and still had about 7 hours to go.
the girls expected us to arrive just after lunch, so the last leg of the trip was a bit hairy.
and it rained. hard.
we got there.
and did what we need to do first.

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