Friday, July 4, 2014

Vacation Monday

Monday was continuing the trend of awesome-ness. 
Minus a flat tire that we discovered, in the parking lot of the condo-which really, all things considered, is a pretty awesome place to get a flat! :)

Adam had to get a haircut, and decided that Beufort, SC is as good as place as any to get a trim.  We headed to the beach, he headed to get a tire fixed and a haircut. 

I got a call on my cell phone, he wanted us to be back to the condo and ready in 45 minutes.  He had a surprise for the girls...

We were going on the horse drawn carriage ride tour of the town. 
It was hot, but amazing.
We saw some of the most fascinating beautiful homes, some of them had really cool stories.
For instance, Barbara Strisand, yes, THE BABS (wonder if she would mind me calling her that?!)  Was filming Prince of Tides. (I hope I have that right....)
Walked up the door (or I'm sure she had her 'people' do that) of this gorgeous home, and said, that SHE would like to RENT THE HOUSE for as long as she was going to be there (just a couple months).
Ms. Strisand, then told them, she would like to do some renovations.  (some=MAJOR when it comes to movie stars, BUT she re-reno'd it when she moved out!)
The family that lived there-said, um SURE. That's awesome.  Now here is how much we would like to charge in rent.  She said OKAY!  (the figure was enough to send all FOUR of their children through FOUR years of college!) 
Sally Fields and a few others that now I forget (I knew I should have taken notes) rented, during movie tapings. 
I am not famous, nor ever want to be.  BUT I would love to live in this little area.  FOREVER!

horse had JUST LICKED MY DRESS.  gross.

stopped for lunch.  and a cool beverage.  fun glass included! :)

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